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d.i.y. creative letter writing & sewing on paper

March 23, 2011

if there is one thing i love, it is assembling an envelope with a letter, tea and other bits of love to friends farther away than i wish they were. so, i’m taking the plunge and making a rather… later but better than never new year resolution:
one letter for every week of the year (or what’s left of it!)

any friends eager to be at the top my postal list?
better yet, who have you been meaning to write to. perhaps this week is the week!

one fun and easy way i’ve been sprucing up my love mail is paper sewing. why not cut a fun shape and bind it to your stationary with a few, quick stitches? instantly your letter let’s the reader know it was prepared with time and special care just for them.

easy as pie.
1. cut out a shape (such as a heart in my sample)
2. find its ideal spot on the page and hold put with a pin, a touch of glue or if you’re lazy like me – pinch in place with your finger!
3. roll on over the fabric with your sewing machine (or by hand), being sure to back stitch as per usual and allowing for roughly a 1/4 seam.

additional thoughts:
stockier paper works best (ie. cardstock or bristol board).
why not lap your border a couple times to give it an abstract, artistic look?
how about adding stitches without fabric to vary it even more? (ie the border in my sample or any other touch you think it might need!)

“a time” by author sark is just one component of this love mail to my dear friend jenna. consider writing your letter and then adding in: an inspirational card like “a time”, a few tea bags, a recipe, the options are endless! all these little add-ins transform a standard letter to a package of bliss.

oo… and don’t miss the opportunity to add your
personal touch to the exterior of the envelope…

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