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make it your own.

May 1, 2011

when i was roadtripping this past fall in Nova Scotia, i returned to my most favourite coffee roastery in Canada. as much as a java-junkie as i am, taste isn’t all that i look for in my cup o’ jo…

for me to really get on board with any coffee brand it has to be fairly traded. the roastery in grand pre, nova scotia embodies it all: fair-trade, organic, co-operatively owned and always staffed with the nicest people. oh! and witty to boot; their company name is JustUs… get it?!

well anyway, i not only took home bags of their brew as souvenirs but i also grabbed a couple of their coffee sacs that they import the beans in. i knew there had to be a craft in the making. the light when on when i stumbled upon Hollabee’s tote tutorial, the perfect way to give a second life to this well-traveled sac.

as you can imagine, this sac is large and i really wanted to feature it’s charm – so i tweaked the tutorial measurements a bit to make it my own. by adding 50% on to every dimension in the tutorial, this mini-tote DIY turned into a large-tote success! see below for pics.

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  1. Jenna permalink
    May 3, 2011 3:18 am

    You are such a talented young lady!!! I love your work!!! xoxxo

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