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d i y – inspiration to tweak your space.

May 3, 2011

spring is rolling in and that always unleashes a overwhelming temptation to make change in your space. my mother is ready to repaint every wall in our house and i’ve been caught organzing the basement (?!) someone should take my temperature because i have a feeling spring fever has taken over.

the following is a little inspiration to tweak your space and give it that fresh facelift you’re craving. bonus: each room is the product of a before & after, so you have the chance to see what these spaces use to look like!

left-to-right clockwise:
1. Guest Bathroom Tweak by Wit & Whistle. check out that brilliant chalkboard creativity!
2. Entryway Makeover by Design*Sponge. spring paint colours make the world of difference.
3. Budget Bathroom Makeover. have i mentioned that my go-to room makeover tool is a lively green plant?


make it your own.

May 1, 2011

when i was roadtripping this past fall in Nova Scotia, i returned to my most favourite coffee roastery in Canada. as much as a java-junkie as i am, taste isn’t all that i look for in my cup o’ jo…

for me to really get on board with any coffee brand it has to be fairly traded. the roastery in grand pre, nova scotia embodies it all: fair-trade, organic, co-operatively owned and always staffed with the nicest people. oh! and witty to boot; their company name is JustUs… get it?!

well anyway, i not only took home bags of their brew as souvenirs but i also grabbed a couple of their coffee sacs that they import the beans in. i knew there had to be a craft in the making. the light when on when i stumbled upon Hollabee’s tote tutorial, the perfect way to give a second life to this well-traveled sac.

as you can imagine, this sac is large and i really wanted to feature it’s charm – so i tweaked the tutorial measurements a bit to make it my own. by adding 50% on to every dimension in the tutorial, this mini-tote DIY turned into a large-tote success! see below for pics.

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martha, only you.

April 26, 2011

whatever craft we can dream up, martha has likely already made a stab at it.
her website is undoubtedly a great resource for citing a little inspiration for your next crafty indulgence. the following are two that i’ve bookmarked on my spring to-do-list!

HOW TO - give a modern, classic twist to any old headboard collecting dust.

HOW TO - freshen up any room needing a spring awakening from hibernation

happy day.

April 22, 2011

happy easter. happy earth day. happy day of rest from the regular grind.

happy day.

today i’m lucky enough to indulge in a book that i like so much – i’m reading it slowly so it won’t end as fast. the book is titled Goat Song by Brad Kessler.
it is my favourite type of book: non-fiction with an engaging narrative. i understand its worth, but i’ve never been a fan of fiction as i’m somewhat hooked on the idea of knowing well… everything. the world is so vast and fascinating, and i’ve only so much time here, so i sometimes get caught up in the feeling that i’m in a race to indulge in it all.

anyways, to make a non-fiction really speak to my little heart, it must have a narrative that i can relate to, respect, or admire. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver snuggly fits into this category as well. (i suppose i should admit that both of these books are about farming – which is another shoe-in qualifier).

what are you reading this weekend?
stores are closed, the air is brisk but cold, none of us have to go to work today. let’s read.
happy day.

have i mentioned that goats are my favourite animal? some days i catch myself picking out baby goat names. (but don't tell anyone!)

p.s. thank you Farmbrarian for reviewing this book and bringing us together! check out their lovely blog to find more earthy reads.

Mason Jar Love.

April 21, 2011

there is nothing i found more classic than a glass mason jar.

something about them says – simple, pure, and timeless. so you can imagine how excited i was to see Curbly put out 15 Awesome and Easy DIY Mason Jars. They have wrangled some beautiful ideas that are literally easy and gorgeous in their simplicity.

My favourite is the mason jar bathroom storage. It’s officially on my DIY to-do!

a homemade purse.

April 17, 2011

well i did it. i made my first purse that i’m proud to wear and flaunt.
no more store bought plether for me, only fibers and stitches.

a couple friends are putting in orders which is more than sweet. i’m happy to spread the homemade love around. perhaps someday i’ll have the courage to break into the etsy world of handcrafted originals.

i wonder what it would like in  fresh spring colours?

DIY – A Cookbook EVERY COOK could follow along with.

April 10, 2011

if there is anything that i explicitly love, it is the accomplishment of
which is why i was so pleased to see a mainstream body like the NY Times releasing
a D.I.Y. cooking handbook.

imagine if the week they released it even 1% of north americans caught on that they can prepare food themselves and still love it? perhaps it is because we’ve strayed away from a culture that was once tied by apron strings and family mentoring. whatever it may be, so many of us our doubting our skill ability or doubting our time availability to embrace (even a little bit)
the world of homesteading.

handbooks like this always remind me how satisfying, peace granting, and higher in value the experience is when you so let’s get on with it. check out this resource that is
free of: ellaborate language, fancy equipment, or a silly amount of interpretation.

which recipe should i try first!?